First Aid Kit


High quality British Standard compliant kit

Steroplast Healthcare branded contents

Secure case with integrated carrying handle

First aid compliance made easy


BS8599-1 British Standards First Aid Kit

This high quality First Aid Kit complies to all the current British Standard guidelines. It is filled with the very best contents available on the market, it will be your backup should there be a first aid emergency.

Kit Contents:

Burn dressing x 1

Conforming bandage x 1

Contents list x 1

Sterile Eye Pad dressing x 1

Sterile finger dressing x 1

Foil blanket x 1

Gloves x 6 pair

Guidance leaflet x 1

Sterile large dressing x 1

Sterile medium dressing x 4

Microporous tape x 1 roll

Plasters x 40 (boxed)

Resus – one way valve x 1

Safety pins x 6

Saline sterile wipes x 20 (boxed)

Triangular bandage x 2

Tufkut scissors x 1

Wall bracket x 1