Kinesiology Tape


100% latex free

Wavelike adhesive pattern aids comfort and breathability

Stretches and flexes with body movement

Durable adhesive, tape stays on for up to a week



Sterotape-K – Unrivalled quality, excellent performance guaranteed

Kinesiology tape is an elasticated cotton tape with acrylic adhesive. The tape, when applied correctly, provides stability and support to joints and muscles without hindering any of the bodies range of movement.

The tape can provides targeted pain relief and assists with the bodies rehabilitation. Kinesiology taping is a rehab technique, which aims to assist the body in its natural healing process, whilst also letting continue to perform at your best.

The tapes durable adhesive means that once applied, it’s stay put. We’re talking up to a week! This includes through hot and cold environments, and even showering.

Sterotape-K is a high end sports tape, allowing users to move more comfortably. Kinesiology tape is not it not rigidit like KO or Z.O tape. It’s a flexible tape, that has been specifically designed to stretch alongside and support your muscles as they move. This support helps to reduce the overall muscle fatigue, improve circulation and attempts to re-educate the body to move in a correct way to treat injuries.