KO Nasal Plugs

100 plugs per box

£5.10 per box

Soft, absorbent cotton plugs

Easily control excess bleeding

100% virgin cotton

3.8cm long


KO Nasal Plugs – The perfect tool to clot and control nosebleeds

A nosebleed during a fight or sports event can be a problem, it can be timely and hard to stop. These handy 100% virgin cotton nasal plugs can be inserted directly into the nose to control bleeding. The 3.8cm nasal plugs absorb the blood flow and then assist in clotting. Stopping the nosebleed without leaving any trace of lint behind in the nostrils.

They are the perfect little tool to have in your kit. If you can’t stop the bleed, they WILL stop the fight!

You can order a full corner kit now, including a premium sports bag, the KO Boxing Corner Kit is available here.

The Nasal plugs are a must for all contact sports, especially team sports such as football, rugby and hockey. The more time you spend on the touchline trying to stop a nosebleed, the more time your team has to cope without you.