Neoprene Compression Supports


Provides firm and comfortable pressure/compression

Relieves discomfort and reduces risk of repeat injury

Lightweight and breathable fabric reduces sweat formation

Increases blood circulation for faster recovery



Steroform Neo – Highly flexible neoprene supports allowing a full range of movement

Steroform Neo is the branded neoprene support that has been created by healthcare experts Steroplast Healthcare. The comfort fit compression supports help to alleviate pain due to a previous injury, thanks to the warmth and support they provide. Wearing a support also helps to prevents any further injuries to a certain joint or muscle.

Each support in the Steroform Neo range is functional in its design, and straightforward in its application. As soon as the support is applied to either the ankle, knee or elbow, it begins to retain the bodies warmth and starts to heat the injured area.

Neoprene fabric is lightweight and breathable in design. This helps to retain the bodies heat into the desired area, whilst preventing overheating. The overheating will lead to a build up of sweat in the specific area, this can be problematic and cause irritation or rashes.

The compression that each support provides, reduces the swelling around an injury. Once the swelling is reduce, this also alleviates the pain

Steroform Neo supports are ideal for almost all sports: football, cricket, rugby, cycling, really any sport where they’re permitted. Sport aside, they are also great for everyday use. For aches, pains, or stiff and arthritic joints. The supports are slim and discreet enough to be worn underneath your clothes on a daily basis. Giving you more support on aching limbs, and speeding up the healing the process.

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Ankle, Elbow, Knee