Sterotape-Z.O Boxing Tape 4cm

4cm x 10m - 8 rolls per box

£15.90 per box


The ideal zinc oxide tape for hand protection during boxing and many other combat sports.

Sterotape-Z.O. is a zinc oxide tape that protects your hands, knuckles and wrists when hitting pads, the heavy bag or even your opponent. It is a strong and rigid hand wrap tape, that when applied correctly, makes your fists solid and allows you to hit harder with no fear of injury. The tape is serrated at the edges for ease of tearing by your corner. The adhesive is so strong, there is no way this is coming loose during a fight!

The zinc oxide tape is also available in the 1.25cm and 2.5cm widths.

Sterotape-Z.O. is manufactured using the same process as our KO Tape. It is the competitively priced boxing tape for everyday gym and training use.

If you have a large bulk order for Sterotape-Z.O. you can request a quote from Steroplast direct HERE.

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Dimensions 10m x 4cm