Water Bottle – Chin Rest


Non-contact nozzle prevents cross contamination

Contoured grip, easy squeeze design

Screw top lid for refilling

Tough water bottle ideal for team sports


Chin Rest Water Bottle – Non-contact nozzle prevents cross-contamination

When you’re in the gym training for a fight, you’re usually with your team. In a hot gym, pushing your body to its limits, hydration is a must. However, when you’re training for a fight you can’t afford to allow any germs in your system. So, sharing your water bottle with others at the gym could be a problem.

When on the training pitch or in a match environment, again, hydration is key. What’s more, there is now much more people sharing water bottles and raising the issue of cross-contamination. If one of your players is sick and he uses a standard water bottle before others. You’ve just lost a handful of players for next week’s cup tie!

This is where the chin top water bottle comes in! It’s design is different to a standard water bottle. It allows many people to use the same bottle without a risk of cross contamination. This is thanks to its unique nozzle. You never have to put any part of the bottle in your mouth. Simply rest your chin on the plate and squeeze the bottle, the water is then fired directly into your mouth.

The bottle is dishwasher safe, easy refillable and has a contoured grip for comfort.