Jimmy Kilrain Kelly is local to Steroplast Healthcare, as he is born and bred in Wythenshawe.

We took the opportunity to visit Jimmy and see the Super Welterweight in one of his training sessions, as he is literally round the corner from our offices.

We were lucky enough to catch Jimmy and his trainer Lee Beard pre-training as he wrapped his hands in the new KO Tape.

Lee is very happy with the new KO Tape, with the ease of application and overall strength of the tape. Many competitors tapes are too brittle or not sticky enough, it’s also a problem for hand wrappers if they can’t be torn by hand. So can snap in the glove, or come off once the hand starts to sweat.

As you can see from the video, Jimmy is fast, we can’t wait for his next big fight. Jimmy can show exactly what he can do with the KO Tape on his hands.


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