The Undisputed champions of tapes

Steroplast have used their extensive medical experience to create the best boxing tape available. KO Tape has been developed with one thing in mind, your safety! The only goal of the tape is protection, to keep a fighter's hands safe when they're entering the ring.
The rigidity and durability of the tape, the strength of the adhesive and the overall feel and protection have been finely tuned to create a fighter's greatest asset. Giving every fighter the confidence to throw their biggest punches without any fear of injury.

The Professional's first choice

KO Tape's super durable adhesive is guaranteed to stay on longer, so there are no fears of fights being halted due to unravelled tape. The strength of the tape is paramount for it to do its job. Each tape has a serrated edge for quick tear-and-apply application, making every corner person's job that much easier.
When applied correctly the KO Tape gives your hands complete support to absorb impact. It also provides immobilisation to the small joints and bones within the hand, to help prevent injury. Enter the ring with KO Tape and stay injury free.