Conforming Bandage (£0.60 Per Bandage)

12 bandages per box

£7.20 per box

Conforms easily to all areas and joints

Nylon/Viscose fray resistant material

Individually wrapped for hygiene

Ideal for hand wrapping


Steroply Conforming Bandage – 7.5cm x 4m

High stretch, lightweight bandage

Steroply conforming bandage is a nylon/viscose bandage, which is a corner person’s alternative to KO Wrap.

Renowned for its high quality in the medical sector, the conforming bandage is used to hold dressings in place. The bandage conforms very easily to all areas of the body, including joints.

The bandage conforms very easily to hands and wrists. Most cornermen have their own individual style of handwrapping. As such Steroply is different style of bandage to KO Wrap. However, it is a regarded as a very high quality bandage. Many boxers choose to use Steroply instead of KO Wrap, firstly wrapping their hands and then piling the bandage ontop of the knuckles for extra protection before padding and taping with zinc oxide tape.