Sport Tapes and Strappings

Every professional sports man or woman knows the benefits of taping. The correct use of sport tape helps to maintain the position of bones and muscles when competing. This process of alignment helps to reduce pain and helps with recovery. You don’t have to be a pro to benefit from it!

There are many different sport tapes available. Each with its own specific use and benefit. The main difference is usually the flexibility and rigidity of the tape itself.

For example, a cyclist may need support in their leg muscles without it affecting their range of movement. They should use kinesiology tape. This highly flexible tape is designed to stretch with your movement and still support the muscles as they move.

However, in Jiu-Jitsu you may want to support your fingers during the fight. A more rigid zinc oxide tape is then needed. Protecting the joints from hyperextension during a fight.

For more sports tapes and strappings, visit Sterosport by Steroplast.

Whichever tape you need, we can provide it. If you need help choosing the correct tape for you, email and we will help you find the perfect option.

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