Cohesive Bandage (£2.70 Per Roll)

12 rolls per box

£32.40 per box

Sticks to itself, and not to the skin

Non-slip bandage offers superior support and compression

Easy tear, no scissors required

Can be simply removed and reapplied

No pins, clips or fasteners needed

12 x 7.5cm x 4.5m rolls


Steroban Cohesive – The lightweight, elasticated sports bandage that is used for strapping up a sports injury

The flexible bandage offers compression and support to joints or muscles in both pre or post sport situations. The beauty of the cohesive bandage is that it sticks to itself, and not to the skin. So, when applied, it holds in place, and is very simple to remove and reapply. The comfort fit of the bandage and the fact it doesn’t stick to the skin, means there is no need for any underwrap.

Cohesive is very popular in field sports, it is used a lot in football by goalkeepers protecting their hands. Outfield players also use it to hold their shin pads in place. It is also popular in martial arts to provide additional strength and support to wrists and finger joints.

There are 12 rolls of cohesive bandage in each box, they are in assorted colours and 7.5cm x 4.5 metres long.