Reusable Ice Bag


Secure leak-proof locking system

Fast relief from pain and overheating

Grab-and-go cooling system

Soft fabric moulds an individual or injured area


Reusable Ice Bag –  Cool down your fighter fast!

This 9 inch durable insulated ice bag, provides instant pain relief and cooling directly from a gym bag. The innovative plaster seal cap, secures the bag ensuring no leaking.

If a fighter is giving it their all, it’s safe to say their heart will be beating fast, and their body will be overheating. It’s the corners job to cool them down and get their heart rate back to normal between rounds. You want them to be fully for the next round!

Placing the bag on your fighters neck or chest is the fastest way to cool the body down. If you have seen any boxing, kickboxing, MMA or other combat sport, you will see a fighter has an ice bag placed on the back on them during the break between rounds. If you are in the fight game and don’t have one, click ‘add to cart’ now.

The bag itself can either be filled with ice cubes or cold water if ice is not available.

Boxing and combat sports aside, the reusable bag can be everyone’s best friend once they get home. Soothing headaches, back aches, swelling and inflammation are simple, as the bag is made of soft fabric, it will contour to the problem area, to get right to the source of the pain.