KO Tape 2.5cm

2.5cm x 10m - 12 rolls per box

£27.56 per box


Every boxer knows that an injury, no matter how small, can end a fight or even a career!  Let KO Tape protect your tools.

When you step into the boxing ring, whether you’re sparring, doing padwork or fighting, your gloves may cushion the impact of your punches, however, this on it’s own is not enough. KO Tape is a rigid zinc oxide tape that provides directional support and immobilises the small joints and bones in the hand upon impact, and so preventing any injuries. Thinking that you haven’t had hand or wrist trouble yet and you’ve never worn tape before is dangerous. Your hands are already suffering with wear and tear because of the lack of protection. Plus the next time you do through a punch unprotected, it could be the last.

KO Tape allows you to unleash your full power with absolutely NO FEAR of injury.

The KO Tape is also available in 1.25cm and 4cm widths

Show your opponent your intentions! #KOTape

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Dimensions 10m x 2.5cm

12 rolls per box