Sterile Non-Woven Swabs (£0.07 Per Swab)

125 swabs per box

£8.34 per box

Sterile wrapped swabs for treating wounds

Provide an additional absorbent layer for bodily fluids

Applied in conjunction with a low adherent dressing

Highly absorbent 4 ply cotton gauze

125 Swabs per box (25 packets – 5 swabs in each packet)


Sterile Swabs – cushion, protect and prevent dryness in an open wound

Should the worst occur and your fighter picks up an injury, it’s down to you and your corner team to treat them. As a cutman/corner team, dependent on the severity of the damage, it’s pretty much – all on you! The Steroswab non-sterile swabs will be a fantastic addition to your medical kit. They’re simple and easy to use, helping to protect and cushion a wound.

The 8ply cotton gauze swabs help to prevent dryness in an open wound. Professional cutmen should always be prepared for the worse, boxing can be a brutal sport and people can get seriously hurt! It’s quite common in fights that there can be an accidental clash of heads or a cut above the eye. When these larger cut needs treatment, the swabs provide an additional layer to help absorb blood and bodily fluids.

Each individual swab in the box measures 10cm x 10cm.

If you don’t need a sterile option, we have a non-sterile option available.

Steroswabs are manufactured by Steroplast Healthcare, the well-established medical distributor and supplier.