Sterile Non-Woven Swabs

125 swabs per box

£7.36 per box

Sterile wrapped swabs for treating wounds

Provide an additional absorbent layer for bodily fluids

Applied in conjunction with a low adherent dressing

Highly absorbent 4 ply cotton gauze

125 Swabs per box (25 packets – 5 swabs in each packet)


Sterile Swabs – cushion, protect and prevent dryness in an open wound

When a boxer is injured during a fight, it is their corner’s job to treat them. Dependent on the severity of the damage, it is mostly all down to you to help. Non-sterile swabs are used to protect and cushion a wound.

Prevent dryness in an open wound by using the 8ply cotton gauze. Professional cutman should always be prepared for the worse, boxing can be a brutal sport, people can get seriously hurt! The swab is to be added as an additional absorbent layer for bodily fluids.

Each swab is 10cm x 10cm.

If you need a non-sterile gauze, these are also available.