Tuff Cut Scissors


Rounded safety blade keeps hands safe when cutting tape

Powerful enough to cut through several layers of clothes

Stainless steel shears

Non-breakable plastic handle


Tuff Cut Scissors – Powerful shears that can cut through tape easily

It can sometimes take quite a long time and effort to get boxing tape off your hands after a fight or training session! This is where the tuff cuts come in.

If you’re using quality tape and protecting your hands properly, it can be quite hard to remove it by hand. These 7.5 inch Tuff Cut scissors have rounded safety blades, so that they can be easily slid beneath the tape for cutting, without the possibility of causing any damage to the hand. The last thing a boxer needs is a sliced hand after cutting with standard scissors.

These powerful shears can even cut through several layers of clothing in an emergency. So they are ideal for a boxer’s corner to have in case of an emergency.

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