KO Tape 4cm – Boxing Glove Tape (£4.35 Per Roll)

4cm x 10m - 8 rolls per box

£34.80 per box

Rigid, Non-stretch boxing tape

Serrated edge means it tears easily by hand

Conforms to the contours of your hands well

Skin-friendly zinc oxide

Also available in 1.25cm and 2.5cm widths


KO Tape – The Undisputed Champion of Tapes

Every professional boxer knows, that an injury – no matter how small – can end a fight and can even a career!  So, think first, prepare, and allow KO Tape to protect your tools.

The 4cm tape is the widest tape in the KO family, making it perfect for glove tape. It will hold your glove laces in place tightly, securing your gloves and thanks to its medical grade adhesive and waterproof qualities, it will never lose its grip mid-fight – it’s there until you remove it! The 4cm tape is also many hand wrappers tape of choice. Cover more area of the hand when wrapping and use folds, cuts and twists to create elaborate wraps. The non-elastic, rigid tape has a smooth unwind to give professional hand wrappers a controlled application. The tape unwinds all the way to the core, so there is no wastage.

When you step into the boxing ring, whether you’re sparring, doing pad work or fighting, your gloves will be cushioning some of the impact of your punches. However, this on its own is simply not enough. KO Tape is a rigid zinc oxide tape that when applied, provides directional support to hand. Immobilising the small joints and bones upon impact – and so prevents any injuries.

If you’ve never worn hand tape before and you haven’t had any hand or wrist problems, so you feel you don’t need it – you’re wrong! Your hands will already be suffering from wear and tear because of the lack of protection. The next time you throw a punch without the correct protection, could be your last!

KO Tape has been professionally designed to allow you to unleash your full power with every punch – with absolutely NO FEAR of injury. Step in ring with no worries, show your opponent your intentions and knock them out #KOTape

The tape is in three different widths, it’s also available in 1.25cm and 2.5cm widths

KO Tape is manufactured by Steroplast Healthcare, the well-established medical distributor and supplier. This tape is the best in the business!

Additional information

Dimensions 10m x 4cm

12 rolls per box