Nitrile Gloves (£0.08 Per Glove)

100 gloves per box

£8.34 per box

Excellent grip in all situations

Flexible feel for hand dexterity

No natural rubber latex

Strong and durable



Nitrile Gloves – Reducing the risk of contamination

No cutman or corner person should never treat a fighter without wearing them! Our disposable powder free nitrile gloves are a cost effective barrier for the spread of disease.

For safety reasons, for both yourself and your fighter. There needs to be a barrier between the hands and any blood, bodily tissues or broken skin.

Cutmen will always wear them to limit a fighter’s exposure to infectious matter, germs, dirt that could be on the hands. They also prevent the cutman’s exposure to the fighter’s blood.

A nitrile option is latex free, which is ideal for sensitive skin. The gloves are thick enough to provide strength and durability when in use. And still provide a flexible feel, with excellent grip, even in wet/bloody situations.

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