Petroleum Jelly


Reduce impact of blows to the face

Increases elasticity of skin – less likely to tear

Cover cuts

Prevent sweat getting into the eyes

226g Tub


Petroleum Jelly – Soothes cuts and protects

This is an absolute must for a boxer’s corner kit, if you don’t have some, buy some now!

Smear the product onto a fighters cuts, and the most likely areas of impact. This application then makes the skin slippery and more elastic. Having applied the jelly, the skin is a lot less likely to tear upon impact. Without this it could be easy to pick up a small cut from a leather glove.

Reducing the friction between a fighters face and their opponents gloves, means that your fighter isn’t taking on 100% of the oncoming blow. The jelly will help the blow to slide off the face and hopefully taking a little sting out of the punch.

Prevent sweat getting into the fighters eyes during the fight and distracting them. In this circumstance, the petroleum jelly will be applied to the eyebrows as a barrier for the sweat. If you’re a fighter who has struggled with this, you’ll know, there isn’t much you can do about the problem with your gloves on!

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